Hellooo!! M Back!! :)

Hi everyone!! I am finally back on the blogging scene after  loong loong time!!(OK….admitted that the above line makes me look as though I’ve been a regular professional blogger, which am not, just a trivial one…like a small glow worm trying to find its feet in a huge diamond mine….OK…also admitted that this above line sounds a bit cliched!!hehe 🙂 )
Hmm… now as to where I was all these days…I last blogged on 27th april…after that i was busy with work, since i had to complete it before 4th, I was going home for a week from the 5th. A lot has been hapening over the past 10-15 days…

One, my best friend got married…I was initially surprised to hear that she decided to marry at an early age(she’s  just 23!!) , but she’s happy, her parents are happy, Jeeju is happy, so I’m happy too! 🙂

Two, my mom has not been keeping well, she’s been detected with rheumatoid arthritis… so that kinda ticks my happy-meter back to sad 😦 Three, since my mom’s not well, I’ve been working at home, and now I realise how gruesome and tiring the task of maintaining a house is…Kudos to my mom for doing that tirelessly for all these years!! And to my dad, for doing it for the past several days too!!

Four, I fought with one of my very very good friends, for an unavoidable reason …and he’s not talking to me now!!! 😦

Five, our new project, for which I worked and worked and woked for a few days before going home, was scrapped!! Rather was put on hold, indefinitely! 😦 So I’m kinda jobless these days, or rather shall be subjected to meaningless and boring secondary tasks.(sigh!)

Six, after a long time again, I read a book!! My current job has really taken a toll on my reading habit…imagine…me, an avid reader right from childhood, not reading a complete book for say 3-4 months at least!! sad!! but no more!! Read Prabhakar Panshikar’s (a great and celebrated Marathi stage actor) autobiography “Toch mee”.. a good piece of work, except that sometimes, the factual details got too stretched.

Seven, got my half-yearly rating. Average again!! Great, which means  I can concentrate on my further plans of action without my conscience stinging me…(except that the further plan of action is not yet decided…boohoohoo)

OK I guess this post is getting very long and boring already… Cya then, and hope to come back with something more substantial soon!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hellooo!! M Back!! :)

  1. Hi amruta,

    End-April to Mid-May is hardly a “long time” for bloggers. I am in a similar situation to you, and sometimes my blogging hibernation stretches to 3 months at a time! And believe me, this is not an isolated case; I;ve seen it happen with about half-a-dozen of my friends.

    Initially, I used to reprimand them; then when I started doing the same, I used to feel guilty; but no more. Its just unavoidable. I know its sad, but thats the way it is 😦


  2. Hi Kiran,
    yeah you are right. normally a period of 15 days isn’t a loong time, but it is again perspective! I used the word “loong”, coz i would prefer myself writing more frequently…I hope that starts happening soon! 🙂


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